I say I say I say

I’ve just added to EMR (amongst lots of other great stuff) an 18th-century joke book (put online by Kevin Shay, a writer).

Seems to be a lot of black humour about death:

When Rablais the greatest Drole in France, lay on his Death-Bed, he could not help jesting at the very last Moment, for having received the extreme Unction, a Friend coming to see him, said, he hoped he was prepared for the next World; Yes, yes, reply’d Rablais, I am ready for my Journey now, they have just greased my Boots.

No shortage of bad puns:

It being proved in a Trial at Guildhall, that a Man’s Name was really Inch, who pretended that it was Linch, I see, said the Judge, the old Proverb is verified in this Man, who being allowed an Inch took an L.

And one for all the writers:

One saying that Mr. Dennis was an excellent Critick, was answered, that indeed his Writings were much to be valued; for that by his Criticism he taught Men how to write well, and by his Poetry, shew’d ’em what it was to write ill; so that the World was sure to edify by him.

There’s nothing like some bad (or not so bad) jokes to cheer up a dreary Sunday afternoon, now is there?

(If you modernists and youngsters didn’t get the second one, read this.)

I have a lot of great resources sitting in the EMR drafts folder, which I hope to catch up on in the next few weeks. You can easily keep up with new additions by checking out the News page here, or by subscribing to EMR’s RSS feed. I might even get round to checking for dead links…

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