History Carnival and Cliopatria Awards

History Carnival ButtonThe next History Carnival will be hosted on Wednesday 15 November by David Noon at Axis of Evel Knievel.

Email nominations for recently published posts about history (a historical topic, reviews of books or resources, reflections on teaching or researching history) to jfdhn[AT]uas[DOT]alaska[DOT]edu, or use the submission form provided by Blog Carnival.

The History Carnival is not just for academics and entries don’t have to be heavyweight scholarship, but they must uphold basic standards of factual accuracy. If you have any further questions about the criteria for inclusion, check out the Carnival homepage (link above).

Update (15 Nov): Due to internet problems, the Carnival’s running a bit on the late side – it should be up by the morning of 16 November. Bear with us!


The Cliopatria Awards are open for business! Throughout November, you can submit nominations for the year’s best history blogging in six categories:

Best Group Blog
Best Individual Blog
Best New Blog
Best Post
Best Series of Posts
Best Writer

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