But these things are not the same

A libertarian argues that The left has been infected by the disease of intolerance (as if (a) the left has in the past been some kind of free-for-all, and (b) the right is such a shining beacon of tolerance).

Free speech in British universities is under attack by lefty academics and students because (among other things)

* A student union has banned the Daily Mail
* Another union banned the playing of Eminen records because of the use of words like ‘fags’
* Another one banned Israeli Embassy representatives from speaking there
* And other unions “have banned the sale of Coca-Cola and Kit-Kats in protest at the working practises of their parent companies”.

Since when was eating KitKats an expression of free speech, for chrissakes?

More generally, I don’t see that what any organisation, including a students’ union, decides – especially if based on a vote by the members – to sell or not sell in its own shops has anything to do with freedom of expression. Or that making a decision that might (probably marginally) reduce the profits of major companies like Coca Cola and Nestle has anything to do with intolerance.

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