Picking up the reins again… History Carnival ButtonA quick reminder that the next History Carnival will be hosted on 1 September by Jonathan Dresner at Frog in a Well Japan.
You can email nominations for recently published posts about historical topics to dresner[at], or use the submission form.

The History Carnival is not just for academics and entries don’t have to be heavyweight scholarship, but they must uphold basic standards of factual accuracy. If you have any further questions about the criteria for inclusion, check out the Carnival homepage (link above).

I need hosts for the History Carnival from 1 October onwards! You don’t need to be a professional historian, but you do need some familiarity with the history blogosphere. New faces are always especially welcome but any previous hosts who’d like another go will be much appreciated too. If you want more info, check out the carnival homepage, and get in touch with me:

And I’ll be marking my return to blog activity by hosting an early modern edition of Carnivalesque over this coming weekend (Sunday-ish). So, if in the last couple of months you’ve read or written any outstanding posts about early modern (c.1500-1800 CE) history, literature, art, philosophy, music, etc, nominate them now! You can either email me at the address above or use this submission form.

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