History Carnival 32

History Carnival ButtonAmy Stevens has posted the latest History Carnival in two segments: part one and part two. (She’s also posted the raw list of submissions via Blog Carnival for tagging purposes, which reveals over 45 submissions – many of which look pretty good – were made using the submission form. It’s clearly become an essential tool for the carnival.)

… For the nth time recently, I’ve forgotten to tell the current host who will be the next host. (This is one of many pieces of evidence I’d present to demonstrate why I need a bit of a break.) It will be, of course, on 15 June and will be hosted by Jenni Weber at American Presidents Blog (email coppertop67[AT]hotmail.com).

The other news of the day is that I have not one but two worthy people to run the joint for the next couple of months – you’ll learn more soon when we’ve ironed out the details. So this will probably be my last edition in charge until August. (But I’ll be here for the upcoming early modern Carnivalesque, of which there’ll also be more news shortly.)

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2 Responses to History Carnival 32

  1. Amy says:

    unorthodox, I know – but I started a new job today with a 3 hour commute from my home. I just couldn’t get everything done in time. I can go back and edit it tonight and try to squeeze the rest of the post in if it is a real problem.

  2. Past tense says:

    Don’t worry Amy it’s the British English way of speaking. ‘Unorthodox’ isn’t as serious as it sounds to American readers.

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