History Carnival: Important Notices

History Carnival ButtonThe next History Carnival will be hosted on 1 June by Amy Stevens at Aqueduct.

Email nominations for recently published posts about history (a historical topic, reviews of books or resources, reflections on teaching or researching history) to amy[AT]amystevensonline[DOT]com, or use the submission form provided by Blog Carnival.

The History Carnival is not just for academics and entries don’t have to be heavyweight scholarship, but they must uphold basic standards of factual accuracy. If you have any further questions about the criteria for inclusion, check out the Carnival homepage (link above).



Update: I have a couple of good offers in so far. Anyone else who’s still interested will need to email me by the end of today (28 May)…

OK, everyone, listen up. I’m giving very serious thought to taking a blog sabbatical. Not only do I have a ton of work to do in the last few months of my fellowship, I’ve not been too inspired around here lately, and I think I need a real extended break. And to do it properly, I also need someone to take care of the History Carnival for a couple of months.

It doesn’t take that much work, but there is a regular routine that has to be maintained: post announcements a few days before each Carnival, update the webpage and the Blog Carnival page on the 1st and 15th (both of these are quite straightforward procedures), and communicate with hosts as needed. You won’t need to find hosts, hopefully: I’ll aim to have enough lined up to cover the period, and some backups in case of emergencies.

You must know your way around the history blogosphere and be familiar with what the Carnival does; you should be a fairly experienced blogger and and knowledgeable about good history (though not necessarily an academic historian); and you MUST be able to guarantee that you can spare the few regularly scheduled hours a month that it takes to keep things going. As it’ll be over the summer, that might make it a better proposition for academic readers…

(Remuneration: my undying gratitude and maybe a few beers. What did you expect?)

Email me if you’re interested: sharon@earlymodernweb.org.uk


… And if you’d like to host an issue of the History Carnival, get in touch with me now! You don’t need to be a professional historian, you just need to be interested in history and have some familiarity with the history blogosphere; you could be either an established or a newer blogger (it’s a great way to bring in new visitors!), named or pseudonymous. New faces are always especially welcome but any previous hosts who’d like another go will be much appreciated too. If you want more info, check out the carnival homepage, and send me an email.

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3 Responses to History Carnival: Important Notices

  1. Amy says:

    Sharon, I am getting lots of nominations, thanks for the plug!

  2. When do you need to take off? I will e-mail you about my weird schedule and see if it will fit.

  3. Sharon says:

    Amy, that’s what I like to hear!

    ADM, I’ll be in touch.

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