Sunday browsing

I’ve just noticed the BBC’s UK Local History Legacies website. Lots of yummy goodness.

I don’t tend to pore over the Guardian’s Face to Faith column, but yesterday it profiled Thomas Helwys, a founder of Baptism and early 17th-century champion of religious liberty. (And no, there isn’t a happy ending.) His writings are available from the Baptist Library Online.

Which leads on quite neatly to notices of the 200th birthday of John Stuart Mill: plenty to read here. Although it’s not quite what you’d call light reading for a Sunday afternoon.

Some Scandinavian coolness: Finland won Eurovision (watch it…). Norway is the richest nation in the world. Denmark is holding a Renaissance Year. And Sweden’s just finishing up an International Science Festival. (Iceland + medieval bonus: Njal’s saga.)

And if only Geoffrey Chaucer had written the Da Vinci Code

MONDAY UPDATE: today it’s Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s birthday!

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