Carnivalesque notice

Carnivalesque ButtonThe next Carnivalesque is to be hosted by Brandon Watson at Siris on 21 May (THIS SUNDAY) (NB: I wrote the wrong date previously – you have a DAY, not a month, to get your nominations in!). It will be an ancient/medieval edition.

As usual, there are two ways of making nominations: you can either use the Blog Carnival submission form, or email Brandon direct: branemrys[at]yahoo[dot]com

The posts should have something to do with ancient or medieval history, and should have been posted since the last Ancient/Medieval Carnivalesque (on March 13). They do not have to be academic posts, nor do they have to be heavyweight scholarship; in fact, this carnival is for anyone who has a genuine interest in ancient or medieval history, whether acadamic or not. …

Read the rest of Brandon’s post for further details.


The Carnival of Bad History has new personnel, and will be increasing its frequency to monthly as of next month – so it’s on the lookout for hosts.

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