History Carnival 30

History Carnival ButtonHas been posted at ClioWeb.

It looks scrumptious (as does Jeremy’s new design).

I was particularly struck by Don’t know much about history…, which points out that academic historians are not doing enough to communicate to nonacademics, and Dr Virago’s post on calling Margery Kempe crazy and why it matters.

Nearly forgot: the next one is on 15 May at Airminded!



The next Asian History Carnival is coming on 5 May at Miscellany

Send in your nominations now!


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5 Responses to History Carnival 30

  1. Dr. Virago says:

    Aw shucks, thanks Sharon! Then again, hmm, one could also be “struck” by the plague! :)

  2. Sharon says:

    Or by a heavy blunt object… or a falling meteor…

  3. Little sis says:

    Totally irrelevant to the subject but just saying hello Big sis – was just ‘surfing’ as I couldn’t sleep and suddenly thought I’d check in on you to make sure you’re behaving :-) So, so sorry I didn’t send you a card for your berfday *blush* – didn’t send one to the Queen either if that’s any consolation :-D

    Hope you’re well
    Lots of love
    Julie xx

    P.S. What IS the likelihood of being hit by a meteor does anyone know??

  4. Hieronimo says:

    P.S. What IS the likelihood of being hit by a meteor does anyone know??

    Ok, I couldn’t resist this.

    According to this scholarly paper, “The risk of being killed by a meteorite is 10^-11,” or 1 in 100 billion. As the author sagely notes, “We may consider the 1 in 100 billion risk of being struck by a meteorite to be trivial but it was certainly important to the dinosaurs and every other living creature on Earth 65 million years ago!”

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