Medicine and history resources (updated!)

A random curiosity-led Googling for information on 18th-century vaccination led me to some rather good resources. I won’t have much time for blogging for the next couple of weeks, so I thought I’d share some of this bounty with you to keep you occupied.

Edward Jenner and the discovery of vaccination
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu: smallpox vaccinations in Turkey
Letter from Thomas Jefferson to Edward Jenner
Jenner’s Inquiry into the effects of the variolae vaccine
The life and death of smallpox

From Plague to AIDS
Early modern medicine resources at EMR
You can now access, for free, the full-text archives of every issue of Medical History (via PubMed)
The Wellcome Trust Center for the History of Medicine at UCL has some very good resources, including a wonderful tribute and bibliography of the life and work of Roy Porter.
The Wellcome Trust‘s own website, of course, has a whole range of invaluable resources for the history of medicine:
Medical Photographic Library
Turning the Pages


From the US National Library of Medicine:
Images from the History of Medicine
The main History of Medicine site is also worth a visit, especially its online exhibitions section. There’s currently an exhibit on the history of forensic medicine.
Clendening History of medicine Library and Museum

History of Medicine Online
BUBL history of medicine resources
History of Chinese Medicine

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