Carnivals upcoming

Prepare to get nothing done this weekend…

History Carnival Button1. The History Carnival will be hosted on Saturday 15 April by Rebecca Goetz at (a)musings of a grad student.

Email nominations for recently published posts about history (a historical topic, reviews of books or resources, reflections on teaching or researching history) to rgoetz AT fas DOT harvard DOT edu, or use the submission form provided by Blog Carnival. Rebecca is particularly interested in posts on the history of taxes and taxation.

Carnivalesque Button 2. Carnivalesque will be hosted by Kristine Steenburgh at Earmarks in Early Modern Culture on Sunday 16 April.

This is an interdisciplinary carnival for the best blog writing on history, literature, art, religion, philosophy, etc, of the early modern period (c.1500-1800CE): send nominations for posts written in the last couple of months to: kristine DOT steenbergh AT let DOT uu DOT nl or use the Blog Carnival submission form.

IMPORTANT PS: Forgot the bit where I ask for volunteer hosts.

I keep reading how much people enjoy reading the end results, but right now hardly anyone is prepared to put in the effort to make them happen, unless I go round begging and/or twisting virtual elbows and I’m getting fed up of doing that. Bottom line: no hosts means no Carnivals, because I’m certainly not going to start doing it every few weeks. It’s up to you lot. [If you have hosted any of the carnivals in the last year or so this rant does not apply to you.]

History Carnival needs hosts from 1 June onwards. Carnivalesque is also looking for hosts for the next ancient/medieval issue in May (unless my partner-in-crime knows something I don’t) and the next early modern issue in June. If you’re interested, you can visit the carnivals’ webpages to find out more, and to get contact details. Or email me:

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9 Responses to Carnivals upcoming

  1. sepoy says:

    I owe you one. so put me down for one.

  2. I can do May if no one else volunteers — I meant to tell you. I will also do some arm-twisting at Kalamazoo, where there will be a blog panel of medievalists!

  3. Sharon says:

    Thanks, sepoy. I’ve emailed you.

    ADM, you’ve already done (more than) your fair share. Bang some heads together at K’zoo. Put the fear of God into ’em for me. ;)

  4. Or the fear of the Mistresses of Misrule!

  5. Sharon says:

    Whichever you think will be more effective…

  6. When you need me put me down for another carnivalesque – either ancient (since I’ve just been venturing into Romano-British women) or early modern.

  7. I think the Mistresses of Misrule might be more frightening. I know them both, and think they excel at walking the fine line between far too much fun and intimidating! I posted a note elsewhere to the blogger panel, asking if they’d also mention it.

  8. Sharon says:

    Intimidating? I’m just a pussycat, really. Now the other one, she really is scary.

  9. I heard it was all a facade.

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