Moll Cutpurse

Someone I didn’t quite manage to fit in during my women’s history week and was reminded of when doing the women writers’ meme the other day, Moll Cutpurse/Mary Frith is fascinating as a figure on the borders between history and myth. There have been many sensationalised and fictionalised versions of her life; the fragments of court records unearthed by historians, documenting her many encounters with the law, can tell a slightly different story – though still a remarkable one.

Moll Cutpurse
Mary Frith otherwise Moll Cutpurse
The Roaring Girl

Wikipedia biography of Mary Frith
The case of Moll Frith: women’s work and the “all-male” stage
Cross-dressing in The Roaring Girl, especially The issues and Historical perspective
Clothing and society in The Roaring Girl

And will the real Mary Frith please stand up?…
Women burglars of the Old Bailey
Women on the early modern stage

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3 Responses to Moll Cutpurse

  1. dearieme says:

    The froth of Frith?

  2. HI Sharon,
    I tried to leave a comment on your food blog, but it just wont send. I’ve tried several times, so thought I’d try this. I found your food blog when I was looking for food blogs with a history slant, as there are very few of us. I write 400 words a day on a food history topic related to the day, always include a historic recipe, and often a menu. The blog is new – the stories started as emails to friends a few months ago, but I have retrospectively posted them – so they old ones appear in the March archive.
    If you look, and enjoy, I would be delighted.

  3. Sharon says:

    Sorry about that – I had that blog set up to send all comments into moderation so I can approve them before they appear (because of spam), but I hardly ever remember to check them (because it’s only ever been spam before… and because I update it so infrequently at the moment: ‘rich’ is something of a misnomer really). I’ve adjusted the settings slightly so it shouldn’t happen again.

    Your blog is just delicious!

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