Site testers wanted!

EDITED TO ADD (5.40pm): Yes the place does suddenly look different. I think I’ve got to the point with the redesign where the front page looks about right, so I’m going to keep it up and work through the minor bugs I know I have to deal with. If something is broken, DON’T PANIC! … Yet.


I discovered largely by accident yesterday that the search engine for the blog wasn’t working properly. I’m pretty sure I’ve found out why (an absolute vs. relative paths thing in the technical lingo – the search was set up wrongly for use on pages other than the main page) and I think I’ve fixed it, but if you’d take a couple of minutes to test it out for me, it’d be much appreciated.

What I’d like you to do is to run a quick search (the box is in the righthand sidebar) for anything that takes your fancy (and gets some results!).

1. Do the search from the main page (

2. Go to the individual page for this post and repeat the same search.

3. Do it one last time from this post’s category page.

If you get identical results each time, it’d be quite helpful, but not essential, if you just leave a comment saying it was OK. But if you get different results each time, it’s really important that you leave a brief comment (or email if you’re shy), giving the search word/phrase you used.


Other WordPress users who have search boxes on multiple pages of their blogs (ie, as well as the main page) might want to check this out too…

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5 Responses to Site testers wanted!

  1. wolfa says:

    I tried it twice (music, Canada), and got the same results for each search. (Or the same top two or three, I didn’t scroll down further.)

  2. “Japan” worked just fine.

  3. “Lemmings” worked fine too! I like how they migrate “en masse” (not necessarily over a cliff, though…)

  4. Rob MacD says:

    3 searches for “Cliopatria” all looked identical.

  5. Sharon says:

    Cheers, folks. Looks like it’s fixed OK. Apologies for any weird happenings while I’m tweaking the new design around, by the way.

    (Now all I have to do is find out why (most of) the gravatars seem to be buggered…)

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