Much work to do

Therefore, naturally, I keep getting this intense urge to redesign the entire blog. And now the Easter holidays are here, I think it may become inevitable.

So, dear readers, is there anything that would increase your viewing pleasure?

I’m contemplating following the in crowd with one of the recently emerging WP themes that do away with forever scrolling down the front page: they show just the most recent post (or even just a chunk of it) and titles/summaries of previous posts below. Chapati Mystery and History:Other are both using versions of Squible (which also does away with the sidebar). Or there’s the similar Hemingway reloaded theme. But neither of those feels quite right. The one that’s really got me thinking since I saw it in operation at Alun’s place is kiwi. Mmm.

The downside I can see with this type of theme is for irregular visitors. It’s fine for people who subscribe to the RSS feeds and/or come by every day for their, um, fix. But not everyone does that. There are blogs that I stop by maybe once a week or so. Then it’s more convenient just to scroll down the page and see what’s been happening. So I like the fact that kiwi (in Alun’s version anyway) shows the full text of the most recent post plus excerpts of the previous posts. Takes up more space on the screen, but it’s more accessible. Squible is lovely aesthetically (I think) but just too compressed.

Whatever happens, I can guarantee it won’t be straight out of the box. (Because that would just be too easy.) So your ideas and requests are welcome.

Now I’d better get on with some real work…

[Update: Frustratingly, the link to download the theme so I can take a look at it seems to be buggered. Same with the site forums. And can I find an email contact address anywhere on the site? Pah. Anybody got an up-to-date copy of the zip file they can send me? Please?]

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6 Responses to Much work to do

  1. sepoy says:

    I have had my eye on Kiwi as well – esp. what they are promising for 2.0.
    You are right about the downside but I was just overwhelmed by the tyranny of scroll that my verbosity forced on the browser. The excerpts to past posts bit is quite a nice compromise.
    In related news, some of us are developing a theme for academic bloggers. All this and more…before Summer.

  2. Alun says:


    Squible has some advantages. I like the tagging feature. It also sits better with 800×600 monitors. I would have thought it would be possible to add excerpts to Squible, but I agree that Kiwi makes it much easier. Alas, I notice the helpful page of kiwi hacks is also offline right now too.

  3. Sharon says:

    Thanks Alun! :)

  4. rob says:

    Kiwi’s got it going on, has to be said.

    Thing I notice about EMN is, you have masses in your sidebars, and more besides if you include the separate blogroll. Somehow you’ve managed to get this working pretty well by splitting it over both sides, but it’d need some thought about how to rearrange it all on a squibble/kiwi-type theme… Or would it? Now I’ve said that I’m not sure.

  5. Sharon says:

    Some of it will probably go. (The separate blogroll and archives (etc) pages will stay much as they are at present.) The rest I have plans for… but I’m not telling yet. It looks good in a sketch layout, but I have to see whether I can make it play nice with CSS.

  6. Claire says:

    I prefer Hemingway to Squible. Haven’t seen Kiwi.

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