Coldplay, from red to blue

It’s official, The Tories are cool now, ‘cos they’ve got Coldplay rocking for them.

[*snorts guffaws collapses in hysterical laughter*]

The new anthem is every bit as good as you’d expect, if you can stay awake for long enough to find out.

I refer you to Billy Bragg.

PS: I’ve just remembered what day of the year it is (I’m blaming insufficient caffeine this morning for slowness in waking up. And after all, we’re living in a world where Embrace have been hired to write the next England football anthem, which just makes my brain hurt…). I’m not sure that excuses the song. But then, what would excuse the existence of any Coldplay song?

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One Response to Coldplay, from red to blue

  1. Heeee! One of the best April Fools ever!

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