Woman of the day: Judith Leyster

Judith Leyster self portrait
Judith Leyster, ‘Self-portrait’, c.1635

Judith Leyster at Web Gallery of Art
Judith Leyster Online (links to online pictures)
Wikipedia article
Judith Leyster, lost and found

Women artists of the 17th/18th centuries
History of women artists (wikipedia)
Women and art in the Renaissance

Judith Leyster, 2 scary kids and a kitten
Judith Leyster, ‘A boy and a girl with a cat and an eel’

(And forgot to note that Aussie readers in Sydney can see the self-portrait right now in the major Self-portrait: Renaissance to Contemporary exhibition on until May.)

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3 Responses to Woman of the day: Judith Leyster

  1. An exhibition that I reviewed when it was in London. And it has some brilliant women’s portraits in it, including this one. What impresses me about this self-portrait is its physical openness, she is relaxed, confident, there’s absolutely no primness or insistence on respectability.

  2. Sharon says:

    Natalie, I’d completely forgotten about your review. I wish I’d made it to London to see it…

  3. hank says:

    I think judith lyster is currently showing at the east wing of the national gallery in D C

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