Woman of the day: Martha Ballard

Martha Ballard was a midwife, healer, mother and diarist in late-18th-century Maine. This was Martha’s week, 220 years ago…

March 27 – April 2, 1786

raind Last night, Snowd ys [this] morn. [ye] dam broke ys morn. mr Ballard & Brooks [had] Some uneasyness. I am unwell. Isaac Savage to Breakfast here, had some phisick for his Dafter hannah. ye Northern Light appears this Evinng. Cyrus & Eph[rai]m ointing for ye itch.
A frosty morn. I finnisht kniting Cyruss Buskins, the Girls washt. I was Calld to Eliab Shaws at half after 5/O Clock PM, his wife in Travil, & Shee was Safely Delivrd between 6 & 7 of a Son, her 4th Child. I Slept at mr Browks. [in margin: XX Birth. Eliab Shaws Son.XX]
I Came home from mr Shaws at 10h / [morn]. mr Cowen & others Brought Loggs to ye mill. I went to See Polly Hamlin, Shee is unwell. old mrs Hardin Sleeps here.
mrs Hardin wnt from here. mr Ballard went to attend town meeting. mr Sual Sent a man to attend me to his hous to hear Mr Pother speak. after meeting I went to See mrs Weston. Shee being unwell. I Rode hom, found mrss Becke, Lidia Bisbee, Polly Hamlin & Polly Adams here. Ephm is 7 years old ys day.
A Stormy day. Mr Ballard Left home for Sebestakuk. mrs Farly here, says her famely are in Sufering Circumstances. I cardid Tow for Hannah & Dolly to spin.
A Cloudy, Cold Day. thee ground frose. I have been at home Carding Tow.
it began to Snow at one O Clok ys morn, a tedious Storm till 4 ys afternoon. Mr Ballard not Returnd. Ye Severest Storm we have had this winter.

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One Response to Woman of the day: Martha Ballard

  1. Amy says:

    Martha Ballard – one of my favorite women from early American history. Thanks for the reminder.

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