RAE axed in Brown’s budget.

Mind you, I expect the bastards will replace it with something equally hateful one way or another.

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2 Responses to RIP RAE

  1. Roy Booth says:

    Bibliometrics, that’s where we will be. I’d get your blog printed out as a hard copy, so that a librarian with a tape measure can size up your contribution to knowledge. But seriously, better it be replaced than an RAE-induced division of sheep and goats just gets set permanently, to pre-ordain the fates of future academics. My Head of Department has just embarked on General Editing the Works of Clarendon for the OUP. That’s two and a half million words of text. Me, I’m big on 6 page pamphlets (but I hope his project might serve as a windbreak for me).
    I’ve just remembered that your mail box is full, and this won’t reach you. Best regards anyway.

  2. Chris Williams says:

    Time to brush up on our grant-application writing skills.

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