Crimes and Misdemeanours: new ejournal

Crimes and Misdemeanours, Deviance and the law in historical perspective: Call for Submissions

In autumn 2006, SOLON (Interdisciplinary Studies in Bad Behaviour and Crime) is launching its electronic Journal to be called Crimes and Misdemeanours; Deviance and the law in historical perspective. An international journal with a wide-ranging interdisciplinary remit, it will showcase work which confronts and challenges the accepted histories and (re)-examines the implications for past and/or current professional practices relating to the study of offensive or anti-social behaviour and its implications… the journal intends to open up, engage and liven the study of an area of intense academic and public concern with a powerful contemporary resonance by locating it within a ‘historical’ context, and emphasising thereby the need for long-term perspectives on the area. This encompasses the work of academic historians, lawyers, criminologists, sociologists, political scientists, education and literary scholars and psychologists… [and] practitioners and those engaged in the delivery of services and responses to law, crime and behaviour… Crimes and Misdemeanours; Deviance and the law in historical perspective especially wants to encourage the work of young scholars either still engaged in doctoral work or beyond, and also of young practitioners seeking to challenge established traditions. Thus, alongside refereed articles, there is the opportunity to publish work in progress and receive feedback on this through the journal’s Bulletin Board.

Should be interesting. I should set my brain to thinking about a submission at some point.

No information about whether it’ll be free to access or subscription-only, though. (I’ll be rather disappointed if it’s the latter.) And unfortunately there’s no sign of a website yet.

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2 Responses to Crimes and Misdemeanours: new ejournal

  1. Chris Williams says:

    I can confirm that _Crimes and Misdemeanours_ will be free to air. And that we (for some values of ‘we’ – I’m on the advisory board) can publish articles in time for the RAE deadline if you send them in soon.

  2. Sharon says:

    Oops, almost forgot about this. Thanks, Chris. (If you hear anything when it goes live, can you drop me a line with the URL?)

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