Thames riverside pubs

Thames Riverside Pubs is a nice site: you can tour the pubs, learn more about the malting process and the history of the pub. (H-T: Digital Medievalist)

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One Response to Thames riverside pubs

  1. rob says:

    Lovely resource!

    One of the best things about having never lived too far from the river is the variety of riverside pubs I’ve managed to get myself merry in… I really recommend The Grapes in Limehouse, which isn’t featured, but does terrific food, has a sumptuous river balcony, and was featured in Dickens’ Our Mutual Friend (I think it’s that one). The Prospect of Whitby, which they do mention, is also pretty neat. It sounds really lame, and yes I know it’s a charade, but the notional “authenticity” both those pubs maintain is actually their main attraction.

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