Conference news

A few upcoming early modern conferences:

“Wanton nights and riotous feasts”: Early Modern Representations of Virtue and Vice, 8 April 2006, University of Warwick.

Includes sessions on virtuous identities, sinful behaviour, sex, crime and punishment, ‘puritans and profanity’. (This is one for me…)

Exile in the English Revolution and its aftermath, 28-29 July 2006, London.

Includes sessions on ‘Royalist poetics’, the experiences of women, Milton, the regicides, and keynote sessions on the intellectual history of the royalist exile, the literary impact of exile in Europe during the English Revolution, and the print legacy of the Restoration exiles. (I have a copy of the full programme I can email to anyone who’s interested.)

Plus, I’ve had a paper on violent gentlemen accepted for the seventeenth-century conference in sunny Aberdeen in July. My bum is cringing at the prospect of the train journey (9 hours each way) already.

And while I’m blowing my own trumpet, I’ll be appearing to talk about much the same topic at the British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship Symposium at the British Academy in London on 26 April. (Free entry but you need to register in advance.) Mind you, it might not be particularly new to anyone who’s already read my posts on the topic here…

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