Underground abandoned

I like this site: London Underground History – Disused Stations on London’s Underground

Bonus links:
Maps of the London Underground: Iain Sinclair and Michael Moorcock’s psychogeography of the city
Ghosts, ghouls and other weirdos on the Tube

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3 Responses to Underground abandoned

  1. How very neat! I can never see stuff like this without thinking about Neverwhere. Man, oh man, I heart Neil Gaiman.

  2. Claire says:

    Oh great. Now I’ll be worrying about more than werewolves when I go underground.

  3. On a peripheral arm of Stockholm’s subway system there’s a deserted outdoor station. It isn’t exactly abandoned in the usual sense of the word. It was built to cater to a housing project that never became reality, so it’s never been used. You soom by spectral concrete planes being re-claimed by vegetation.

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