Bibliography project

I’m in the mood to put together a new online early modern bibliography (like some I made earlier. But (unlike the previous ones) for this one I want to use our collective resources and make this a collaborative project.

An important topic (for which I’m not aware of any significant online bibliographical resource) is poverty, poor relief and the ‘old’ poor laws in Britain and perhaps British north America, c.1550 to 1834. I’ll try to make a start over the weekend but I want your suggestions!

I’m particularly interested in local studies (which might be hidden away in obscure local history journals and the like) of the poor laws in practice, as administered and experienced. And I’d very much like to include a section on printed and online primary sources, and one on other good online resources.

So, please leave suggestions here in comments, or if you’re feeling shy email me ( Don’t worry if you don’t have exact bibliographical details to hand, as long as you can produce enough info to make it possible to track references down.

Everyone who contributes a usable reference will get a credit (unless they don’t want to be named) and my gratitude when the bibliography gets put online.

(I’ve been considering the notion of setting up an Early Modern wiki, like the one proposed for South Asia, but it’s certainly not going to happen for a while.)

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2 Responses to Bibliography project

  1. Matt says:

    D. Vaisey, ed., The Diary of Thomas Turner 1754-1765 (Oxford, 1984).

    A good source, in which the diarist is always involved with the poor and even spends a couple of years as overseer of the poor in East Hoathly, Sussex. Lots of stuff on charity, settlement, vestry meetings and illegitimate children etc., and
    descriptions of paupers themselves.

    (See DNB if you haven’t heard of him. No need to credit me if you list this work.)

  2. Tiffany says:

    Great idea!

    A good starting place for printed sources is the collection of excepts edited by John Webb. Off the top of my head, I believe it’s called Poor Relief in Elizabethan Ipswich. He also has edited and printed a collection of treasurer’s and chamberlain’s accounts for Ipswich. Both books were printed by the Suffolk Records Society.

    I have a huge printed bibliography for secondary sources, but by no means is it complete. I’ll try and get it in an electronic format so I can send it over to you.

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