January telly

Good stuff always comes at this time of year. New OC (boo to the Evil Dean!)… Desperate Housewives… Shameless… ER… catch up on missed episodes of The Thick of It… House… Gunther von Hagen likes to cut people up (Tonight: everything that can go wrong with your liver and kidneys)… John Simm is angsty cute…

Excellent (for a single girl with no social life).

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3 Responses to January telly

  1. rob says:

    Yes! Libidinous drives towards John Simm unite me and my girlfriend in a rather perverse triangle. Glad to find another follower… although don’t you think he’s looking a bit more “ordinary” recently? Also, first ep of that show has some dreadful writing; but I thought the second a big improvement. K-punk’s parentheses (“(There must…)”) about 2/3rds down this also vocalised an unease I feel about contemporary Brit-fi.

    Nevertheless, yay for telly!

  2. Claire says:

    He’s got a head like a creme egg.

  3. Sharon says:

    I missed the first episode (was away and forgot to set it up on the video). Not always such a bad thing though, since that’s when they have to do all the premise-setting-up. From episode 2 they can get into it properly. OK, it still tends to deal in cliches, but they’re interesting cliches…

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