Philly pix

Yes, at last, this is what caught my eye in Philadelphia…

art institute

This is the top and bottom half of the Art Institute of Philadelphia on Chestnut Street, a stunning art deco building “originally designed in 1928 as CBS’ flagship radio station affiliate”. (I could possibly have photo’d the whole building at once if I’d been prepared to lie down in the middle of the road to get the angle. Not going to happen.)

art institute

Alternatively, how about some carbuncles? I give you…

What were they on? Believe me, photos can’t do it justice. It’s hideous and amazing. (Good job I rather like bizarre over-the-top late-19th-century architecture…). At a bit of a distance, it looks awfully like a vast confection of this stuff.

Onto the museums… I loved the African American Museum‘s exhibit of murals. One for the Welsh, too!


women get weary

But this one, Women do get weary…, was my favourite.

And then the National Liberty Museum had this fabulous 20-foot tall glass sculpture, the Flame of Liberty, on display.

tall red glass pillar

And last but not least, a coupla cute things out and about in the city


yellow bus

All these and a few more are up at Flickr. Jeremy has also posted a bunch of Philly photos. It’s a great city.

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One Response to Philly pix

  1. Ralph Luker says:

    I also thought that city hall looked like architectural wedgewood. My impression is that it is the result of a lot of contract fraud and a desire to make an overwhelming statement.

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