How do you eat yours?

[No, not more on the difference between American and British eating habits.]

Pop culture reference: every year, they’ve run those ads for the disgusting-ness that is the Cadbury’s Creme Egg, on that theme that people eat theirs in different ways (eg, bite off the top and suck out the middle, or whatever). Ugh.

But anyway, I have had a particular eating pattern for as long as I can remember: wherever I might start, I have to make sure that the very last mouthful from the plate is a Best Bit (eg, sausage rather than carrots). Which can be Very Hard if there are too many kinds of Best Bit to fit on a fork together.

And so, I’ve realised, the same pattern applies with my Bloglines feeds. You can tell my current favourite blogs because they’re the ones I have to make sure I finish up with. And this can be Very Hard if there are several current favourites all with recent updates.

So, is this normal behaviour or am I (again) slightly weird? How do you consume your RSS feeds? Faves first, last, middle?

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10 Responses to How do you eat yours?

  1. First, BlogLines gets fed all of them. From there, I read ‘Close Friends’ first, then ‘Oxfordians’ usually, following that ‘Friends,’ and lastly ‘Informative:’ much of which I generally dismiss with only a very cursory reading, the exception being Bruce Schneier’s excellent weblog on security.

  2. rob says:

    I get them all, unfiltered, unclassified and unsubdivided into Google Reader, then I just go through them in a pretty much random order. If there are lots of them, I might make a preference of someone who hasn’t posted in a while, or who I always wait for. But usually it’s a sheer size judgement. “This one’s short, I’ll read it… That one’s long, I’ll mark it unread.” Then I work my way through the 60903 tabs opened from the links of the already-read. Then I go back to all the long ones and, y’know, really consider them.

    …or just run scared and leave them till later!

  3. Bloglines is my reader…. I have a folder for “first reads” and one for “friends” which is where I start. Then I check the Technorati watches (most of which are old news) and scan through the list of remaining blogs for the ones which don’t update often: those get read first.

    After that, it’s read from the top or read from the bottom, whichever I’m in the mood for, unless I’ve let it go a day or so and I’ve got over a hundred unread posts. Then I start with the blogs with the highest number of unread posts and clear those out first.

    If I spot something blogworthy, I blog it, and come back to the reading later.

    I also mark way too many posts “keep for later” and then I never get to them. Eventually, I either do something cursory with them or take them off the “keep” list.

    I prefer the caramel eggs, actually, but for the cream ones I try to eat a bit of both filling and shell in every bite…. why don’t they have dark chocolate ones?

  4. Wilson says:

    Google Reader is cool (if still glitchy), but it needs some kind of mechanism for sorting/prioritizing feeds. Bloglines, on the other hand, bothered me because it was too well organized; it biased my reading habits and left some sites unread for weeks. I’m hoping Google will give me some kind of middle road eventually.

  5. Aeogae says:

    Oh cr*p. You’ve got me craving creme eggs now. I know they’re gross but I can’t help it.

  6. I don’t do bloglines … but I always come here.

  7. I have now signed up with bloglines, but don’t like it as much as just clicking through my blogroll. I like to see all the different sites …

  8. Sharon says:

    I’ve winnowed down my bloglines subscriptions over recent months. I use bloglines and my blogroll differently, when I think about it. Bloglines is for the sites where I want to keep up with the latest updates, fairly quickly (sometimes I go on to the actual sites, sometimes I don’t – it often depends on whether I want to join in discussions or how physically readable the site itself is. Bloglines has the advantage with some blogs that you don’t have to look at a load of flashing adverts or try to read white text on black background…). The blogroll is for more leisurely browsing when I have time.

  9. MaryB says:

    I’m with ADM – I have a Bloglines account but I don’t use it. My own blogroll works best for me. And I do have a certain reading order for them – too complex to explain here!

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