But what is the point of having control of the remote again? Despite finally getting in Ken Stott to do the job, ITV has some bizarre alternative Rebus universe (recognise the names, er, what happened to the story?). And Channel 4 has a programme lamenting the ‘death’ of British sitcoms, which appears to be blissfully unaware of the simple truth that at least 95% of British sitcoms have always been deadly. (Including (…especially…) the most popular ones, very often.) And the other <5% have always been brilliant. Who really cares that the evening schedules are no longer stuffed with shite like George and Mildred, Terry and June, (heresy alert) Bread, etc etc?*

And now the stupid pretentious pre-Christmas perfume adverts have been replaced by stupid a) ‘exotic’ holiday adverts and b) cheap furniture adverts. Sheesh.

Me, I’m going to watch that dead thing at 10pm on BBC2. (And no effing ads!!) Then I’m going to catch up online.

Happy New Year folks. (Blwyddyn newydd dda o Gymru!)


*Well, the writers who used to make a packet out of them, obviously. Carla Lane must be down to her last few million.

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8 Responses to Home

  1. tony says:

    Well, I liked the Not Just Drink post that showed up on Bloglines. (What happened? Did you delete it? If so, it must be worth saving it some way.)

    It resonated with me – mostly because I think it’s positively evil of M & S to have Dervla Kirwan voiceovering their TV ads for food. It’s deliberately and cynically aimed at middle-aged men, trying to get them into the food sections…

  2. Sharon says:

    Um, it broke the usual Don’t Blog Drunk rule. And potential employers might come looking around the site in the near future so I’m feeling neurotic about having too many posts about boozing near the top of the page right now. It was a case of: write something sensible to go above it or pull it. And I haven’t got time to write anything sensible.

    But it’s not actually been deleted, just shoved in the drafts pile. So I could bring it back if readers demand it…

  3. Brett says:

    Yes, we do rather demand it I’m afraid. Future career prospects be dashed!

    PS Agree about 95% of British sitcoms being crap. It’s a better success rate than we have – every Australian sitcom ever made has been rubbish!

  4. I’m sorry … Ken Stott is now John Hannah? I’m so confused!

  5. Sharon says:

    Ken Stott is now John Rebus. Do keep up. ;)

    Mind you, if you’d seen what they did to the story you’d have been confused too. Some might wonder what’s the point of forking out shedloads of cash to do big name books if you’re going to change the entire plot (including who got killed and whodunnit)…

    Brett, I don’t think I’m going to do it, not even for you. Still, now you come to mention it, I can’t think of any Aussie sitcom that’s ever made it to British TV. Even at the height of Aussie soap mania back in the 80s. But Australia did do a great line in comedy films for a while, so I’ve almost forgiven you all for Neighbours.

  6. Brett says:

    Aw, pleeeeeeeeease? We’ll let you guys win the Ashes again!

    I did remember one Australian sitcom that’s not too bad – Kath and Kim. But that’s all. And even that’s nowhere near as good as a Spaced or a Black Books …

  7. Sharon says:

    I think Warney might have something to say about that, y’know.

    (And sorry your comment got eaten for a while. I think the spambuster plugin needs upgrading. But that’ll have to wait till next week.)

  8. So Ken Stott is now a screwed up detective in Scotland, rather than a screwed up vice detective in London, and John Hannah is no longer a screwed up detective in Scotland … is he still a screwed up Scottish medical examiner in London? I’m so confused.

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