A pause for thought

Expect light posting from now until, well, possibly mid-January. I really do have a lot to do before and after Christmas.

But as a quick comment, yet again, on the ‘why blog?’ question: well, I’m currently thinking and writing about my research interests for applications, and I’ve been able to use various things I’ve written over the course of the year to focus my thoughts: from quite solid ideas about my naughty gents (who are heading slowly towards the status of serious scholarship. and I promise there will be more about them in the new year… when this damned book manuscript is done), to my fuzzier long-term thoughts, once I get this stuff about people battering the crap out of each other out of my system (I’m a pacifist really! honest!), about travellers and border crossings, and somewhere inbetween, work I’d really like to do on servants and masters. See: blogging is not a frivolous waste of time. Well, not all of it.

Anyway, back to work.

PS: how’s about this for an alternative to “keeping a blog”: “developing the potential of the Web* to communicate scholarly research to non-academic audiences in accessible forms, to foster communications between researchers and to increase understanding of history (as a subject and a discipline) in general and my field in particular”…? Am I full of it or what? Heh.

*or maybe more specific: “new forms of web software” rather than “the Web”.

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5 Responses to A pause for thought

  1. feckin’ brilliant, is what it is.

  2. Sharon says:

    Jonathan, that’s excellent!

  3. Claire says:

    very good definition of why blog.

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