I have two job applications in hand. One must be completed and posted within the next two weeks (and the other needs to be substantially done by then, although I’ll have a few days to finish it off after the Christmas break) and the sooner I can get it done the happier I’ll be.

So, of course, I’ve spent half of the afternoon tinkering with the materials for the course that I’ll be teaching next semester, which doesn’t start until the end of January.

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4 Responses to Procrastinate

  1. Well … I have one due Friday. Love the expensive express mail …

  2. Rebecca says:

    Whoohoo! Job procrastination rocks! Until you look at your bank statement and see how much you’ve spent on FedEx…

  3. Chris Williams says:

    Special D! The friend of the job applicant, the script marker and the funding-applier. Sod proximity to the library, the place to live is really near the post office.

  4. So glad it’s not just me …

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