Xmas shopping nightmares

I think it really does get worse every year. (Fortunately I have a relatively small circle of friends and family to deal with. But at this rate they’ll all be getting book tokens and chocolate. Admittedly, extremely good quality chocolate, but still. Or socks.)

It’s partly having spent so long in a fairly small town with a limited set of choices. Let’s face it, I know every bloody shop in Aberystwyth. I know exactly what’ll be there. And the Christmas Craft Fair increasingly saps my will to live. (I’m sure it used to be pretty good…) And I’m not at all sure I can face several hours on a train to the nearest real city shopping centres.

Anyone got any online gift shopping favourites? (Speaking in practical terms, they need to be UK-based – it’s getting too late for things from anywhere else to arrive in time.)

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6 Responses to Xmas shopping nightmares

  1. Alun says:

    I like No More Socks http://nomoresocks.newscientist.com/Home/home.aspx and Firebox http://www.firebox.com/ are usually good. They did once add a free pack of love hearts into someone’s birthday present in early Feb, which needed some explaining. Apart from that they’ve been hassle free.

  2. a sibilant intake of breath has moved. Please update your bookmarks and links to reflect its new and permanent address.

  3. Rebecca says:

    I love getting socks for Christmas! But I have odd sock desires…bright with lots of stripes or large green frogs, that sort of thing…

  4. Chris Williams says:

    They do guns that, when fired, display a sign saying ‘Bang!’.

  5. Contrariwise, I am not as fond of cats with socks on. Except it’s fun to watch them try to walk …

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