Carnivalesque #11

At Blogenspiel. (In progress.)

Just a quick addition: there will be no Carnivalesque in January. We’ll start again in early February with an early modern issue… as long as someone volunteers to host. If you think you might like to try it, get in touch.

Also, I think I forgot to mention that the next History Carnival will be on 15 December, hosted by Jonathan Dresner at Frog in a Well Korea. (Email: dresner [at] hawaii [dot] edu) After that, the HC will also be having a New Year break and will return on 15 January. We have a good variety of hosts lined up for the first months of the year.

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5 Responses to Carnivalesque #11

  1. Finished. That is the problem for people like me and Jonathan — we’re a lot fuirter west than most of the rest of the people I know. It’s not even dinnertime in my part of the world, and Sharon’s finishing her wild night out clubbing …

  2. Oh, sorry — I was assuming we were talking about Sharon the wild woman …

    Or maybe I assume all my friends have much more interesting lives!

  3. I’m all giddy — it got instalaunched!

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