Because it’s Saturday afternoon

And I have finally got the hang of what you can do with WP Pages: a nifty new page for early modern news.

It lists upcoming conferences and other events of interests to early modernists and recently noted resources. And because I’m using the miniblog plugin to do the listing, all the new additions will show up in the miniblog RSS feed.* Clever, huh?

Sometimes I even amaze myself.


* In theory. On putting it to the test I had some trouble with it in Bloglines; I don’t yet know if I’ve fixed it properly or not. (That’ll teach me to get cocky.) Further update: The feed does work in Bloglines, it seems. So that’s OK then. (But I’ll be keeping an eye on it.)

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One Response to Because it’s Saturday afternoon

  1. Aeogae says:

    I’ve only just spotted that you’re listing conferences. Great idea!

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