I have got to stop

Watching games like these. I am a complete wreck AGAIN.

But considering I was on the verge of giving up this autumn season as a lost cause, I’m happy bloody ecstatic.

(Since Wales (at rugby) and England (at cricket) seem to be in some sort of weird up-and-down rollercoaster what-happened-to-my-fingernails synchronicity this year, this means that we’re going to win at Lahore next week, right? … Yeah, right.)

Almost forgot in the excitement: to New Zealand readers, congratulations. What a team.

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One Response to I have got to stop

  1. rob says:

    I just don’t understand what England are doing in the cricket… Maybe it’s some kind of elaborate long-term bluff. “Yeah guys, we’ll scare the crap out of India when our openers actually manage to hit some balls in the second innings!” I really don’t think Pakistan are as good as England–and I say that in a largely unpatriotic way–we just seem to be completely out of sorts. Having said that, Lahore better be stunning since I made the rather unhelpful discovery that the union cafe shows the cricket in the mornings… Sorry essays! You’re gonna have to wait.

    The last Australia-West Indies test, on the other hand, has it all! The kind of cricket that made the Ashes great–after all, it wasn’t that England won, it was that it was such a beautiful, unfurling narrative. 6-84 to Bravo, 226 to Lara, and then Hussey strikes back with 133 and Australia’s come back is based almost entirely on the last 2 wickets. Amazing stuff.

    And the All Blacks are incredible. Congrats seconded.

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