Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder

‘Beer goggles’ effect explained.

(Plus: Wasn’t once around more than enough? Their careers must really be in trouble.)

Um, yes, I am supposed to be working on those book manuscript revisions, since you ask. How did you guess? (Only two paragraphs of the introduction left to rewrite now! … And then the conclusion. At the current pace of progress, I’ll be done by about, oh, December 2007 probably.)

PS: these spam comments just get more and more surreal…
“cavernous fineness obliterate Weinstein reproaching reader ah”

(Yep, still contemplating those paragraphs.)

And another spam-related thought: I keep wondering just how “p***s enlargement patches” are supposed to work, and whether they bear any resemblance to “embroidery patches”. (But I think answers to this mystery are unlikely to make it past Spam Karma.)

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4 Responses to Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder

  1. Brandon says:

    Devil on the Left Shoulder: Only two paragraphs and the conclusion! I think the December 2007 date deserves celebrating. Perhaps you should go to the pub to celebrate it….

  2. Brandon says:

    BTW, I like the randomization in your Blog Picks section. Was it difficult to do?

  3. Sharon says:

    Really easy. You need to use the get_links tag (see the template tags section in the WP Codex). You set the list order to ‘rand’ and limit the number of links displayed and it will just keep shuffling them around each time you load a new page. So the code for Blog Picks looks something like this (and EMN Choice is similarly structured):

    get_links(4, ”, ”, ”, FALSE, ‘rand’, TRUE, ”, ’12’);

    I know, I know, only a couple of paragraphs and the conclusion… But so far it’s just been absurdly difficult. Harder than when I originally wrote them.

  4. Sharon says:

    I think I have the introduction now anyway. I’m tempted to throw out everything I ever wrote for the conclusion and start from scratch. Except how long would that take?

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