How do you shelve yours?

(I need a new bookcase. I’ve been doing some mental contortions to work out where I might squeeze this hypothetical bookcase in.)

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7 Responses to Bookshelving

  1. tony says:

    I shelve mine on top of the ones that are already on the shelves. Doesn’t everyone?

  2. tony says:

    Oh, right, and when that’s full, they go in piles on the floor.

  3. Sharon says:

    Quite right. If it’s a flat surface, it will take a pile of books. Unless it has a pile of paper/videos/CDs/etc already, of course…

    Also, other people’s houses can come in useful at a pinch. My parents from time to time suggest I might like to retrieve some of the books and other bits & pieces that I stored with them several years ago. This is where my conversation-changing skills come in handy.

  4. Ralph Luker says:

    I’ve learned that tables do not need to have legs if a flat surface is placed on reasonably equally sized stacks of books and that the surface then becomes a place where books can be stacked. If it gets full, they can be neatly stacked and a flat surface placed upon them …

  5. miz_geek says:

    I just saw this on It probably wouldn’t really hold enough books, though.

  6. Sharon says:

    Style over practicality there, perhaps. Book-holders for people who don’t really like books? ;)

  7. Miriam says:

    1) Well, on first arrival, the books usually wind up stacked on top of other books, albeit on the bookshelf where they will (at some point) be officially shelved.
    2) Eventually, everything winds up alphabetized within categories. At least, that’s the idea.

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