Vote now!

There’s just over a week left before nominations close in the 2005 history blogging awards. Have you nominated your favourites yet?


1. You don’t have to choose just one favourite in any category. You can make as many nominations as you like. The more the merrier.

2. You can do it anonymously.

3. You can nominate yourself.

4. Judges in each of the categories can only consider what you, the readers of blogs, have nominated.

(And now I’m going to be entirely selfish and ask in particular for your nominations in the two categories I’m judging: Group Blog and Series of Posts. We’ve had some good ones, but we want more.)

Perhaps there’s just too much to choose from and you can’t decide where to start? You might consider using the History Carnival as a resource to help you track down the memorable posts and authors of the year.

Please help us make the awards a success. If you don’t, they won’t happen again and it will be no good whinging that history blogs get overlooked in all the big Blogging Awards (as they often do).

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One Response to Vote now!

  1. I second the begging for nominations — there are good ones, but we really do need more!!

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