History Carnival Notice

History Carnival ButtonThe next History Carnival will be hosted on 1 November by Rebecca Goetz at (a)musings of a grad student.

You can email your nominations for recently-published posts about historical topics, researching or teaching history, etc, to: rgoetz[at]fas[dot]harvard[dot]edu. Or you can now use this submission form provided by the increasingly impressive Blog Carnival.

The History Carnival is not just for academics and specialists and entries don’t have to be heavyweight scholarship! But they do have to uphold basic standards of factual accuracy and integrity in the use of sources. If you have any further questions about the criteria for inclusion, check out the Carnival homepage (link above).

You should include in your email: the title and permalink URL of the blog post you wish to nominate and the author’s name and the title of the blog. Please put “History Carnival” in the title of the email. You can submit multiple suggestions, both your own writing and that of others, but please try not to submit more than one post by any individual author for each Carnival (with the exception of multi-part posts on the same topic).

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