Jobsearch getting started

With the discovery that I haven’t updated my CV in at least 2 years. Oops.

I will try not to bore you all too much with this jobhunting lark over the coming months. But I may need to refer to it from time to time. Besides, I’ll want to post any useful resources I come across. If you have good online resources, reading suggestions, etc – especially those relevant to history and humanities, but just about any academic field really – please drop them off in comments. It will be very much appreciated.

I especially have nightmares about interviews, if anyone has anything useful about that.

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9 Responses to Jobsearch getting started

  1. rob says:

    I dunno Sharon, after discovering this:
    “Do you have any prejudices you’re willing to acknowledge? > […] People from Essex. ”
    I feel so othered!

    But still in the spirit of pluralism I offer you some fantastic French history resources I’ve been directed to recently:
    – Brown University’s Paris Capital of the Nineteenth Century text and image collection. There’s a great variety of images digitised in a, er, interesting variety of formats.
    Le Drapeau Rouge: a directory of French Revolutionary songs!
    The Image of France: an online index of all the printed imagery permitted to be published in France in the 1810s; but without the actual images.

    I haven’t checked the EMR list so I may have just duplicated a load of stuff you already know about. Lazy, but then I am from Essex ;)

  2. sepoy says:

    Best of Luck. You will slay this jobsearch-beast if any of us can.

  3. Caleb says:

    Good luck Sharon! A few days ago I found this list of job interview questions compiled by someone who has been to the other side of the looking glass. Might be useful.

  4. Sharon says:

    Thanks for the links and the kind words.

    Rob: I’m sorry. But where I was brought up, well, it was compulsory to hate Essex. (Its only useful function was as a buffer between us and London.) But I’m much better now. Some of my best friends are from Essex.

  5. Chris Williams says:

    I’m picking up on a theme here: where I was brought up, it was also compulsory to hate Essex. In this case, it was as a buffer state between us and the Medway Towns. Like Sharon, I’ve moved on, although I’d like to point out that Essex has the ugliest University I have ever seen in the UK.

  6. Sharon says:

    I’ve been there twice and it’s true, the place is hideous. But the people are nice – their history department does excellent post-grad conferences, if you get a chance to go. Just avert your eyes from the scenery.

    Having said that, picking The Ugliest University out of those 1960s campuses is a pretty tough call.

  7. rob says:

    Oh I wouldn’t deny it’s true, Essex is situated on the Hellmouth; but I like to exercise the minority prerogative of monopolising criticism.

    If Paris was the capital of the nineteenth century, Essex is certainly the capital of the twenty-first. A combination of post-Thatcherite anti-intellectualism, born-again Daily-Mail racism and, well, absolutely horrendous clothing characterise its finest moments. And my God, if I see another suburban detached house with classical pillars I think I’ll scream…

    I remember coming out of the train station the first time I visited my parents after moving to London, when three men in their mid-20s leant out their car window to shout “Gay!” at me. And the university is hideous. But they do have Ernesto Laclau.

    And some of its spawn aren’t so bad ;)

  8. Aeogae says:

    I went to UEA (another 60s campus) and after a while it seemed rather beautiful. Like a castle with all its ramparts and what not.

    Good luck with the job hunt. I know you won’t need it.

  9. Sharon says:

    Wouldn’t bet on it. I completely forgot to add to my CV some teaching work I did in 2003 for Continuing Ed until this morning. Hopeless.

    Interviewer: What’s your name?
    Me: Um, um, hang on and I know I’ll get there in a minute…

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