Carnivalesque is coming home

Carnivalesque Button

Yep, I’m going to host the next Carnivalesque.

It’ll be on Sunday 6 November, so you have just over a week to write something, send something, or just pass on the word! Email me at Or you can now use this submission form at Blog Carnival.

This will be an early modern edition, and so I’m looking for posts on any topic relating to the period c.1500-1800 CE (a bit earlier or a bit later will be considered). Additionally, following Alun’s lead with the last edition, I’m going to include a special theme section in which posts on ancient/medieval topics can also be included, and early modernists can have a ‘bonus’ entry. (If there are enough entries to make it worthwhile…)

And since 5 November is Guy Fawkes Day – especially as this year is the 400th anniversary, and there are at least two major conferences/workshops being held to mark the event – the theme will be Plots and Politics.

Which ought to be pretty fertile territory: but please remember to keep it historically focused.

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