EMLS… and other reading

New issue of Early Modern Literary Studies. Thanks to Kristine for the tip.

In return, the literary folks among you would probably be way better qualified than me to comment on Kristine’s post on EMW Tillyard and his historicist legacy. I’d be interested to learn more about that too. Go on, humour me.

Air commented here for the first time yesterday and wants to know: where are the 19th-century European history bloggers? I can think of several who are interested in the 20th century, including Rhine River,* Airminded, Break of Day in the Trenches, One more cup of coffee. And then, going back I can think of plenty of interest for the 18th century and earlier. But I’m having difficulty thinking of 19th-century people who aren’t Americanists. Surely I must be forgetting something or somebody? If you are one, go and visit him. And do feel free to jog my memory.

And one last thing. I have a correspondent (from a local history group) interested in the history of crime in Oxfordshire. I can’t really think of anything focusing on that county in my period; I’m not even sure what archives there are (except that I know there are some good church court records). It seems to be rather overlooked. So if you know of any good studies focusing on the county (or localities within the county), for any period really, let me know and I’ll pass on the references.

*Update: A spot of misrepresentation here, since Nathanael in fact does do 19th-century, as I would know if I’d ever taken the trouble to read this or had simply remembered this. But the question still stands.

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2 Responses to EMLS… and other reading

  1. air says:

    Hi Sharon. Thanks asking your readers about the 19th century European bloggers. Hopefully some will come up soon; though I guess if I’m the only one I can corner the market!

    And double thanks for adding me to your blogroll.


  2. Most of the 19th c. people seem to be Lit. folks …

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