Robin Hood wanted

The Beeb is starting auditions for a new Robin Hood.

Who do you think should be the next Robin, then? And other casting suggestions?

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8 Responses to Robin Hood wanted

  1. Jeremy says:

    My vote is for Caleb or Rob.

    You’d be good for Maid Marian.

    Ralph could be King John and Jonathan could be the sheriff.

  2. Aeogae says:

    Bloggers aside. Sean Bean. :P

  3. Alun says:

    Is Christopher Eccelston available?

  4. Sharon says:

    I was in the middle of going through some very dull Flintshire files when I decided: James McAvoy. And when I got home and googled him it turns out he’s already in the running…

    What’s the big deal with Sean Bean? (BBC voters think the same way, apparently.) Folks want Sharpe in Green Tights? Mind you, that’s precisely why I don’t think the BBC would ever give him the part anyway.

    Tomorrow in the archives I’ll probably think about the other roles. Except that I’m going for Eccleston as the baddy.

  5. If Robin’s a crusader come home, Bean is not a bad choice. But then …

    Or he could be the bad guy …

    David Wenham might be nice …

    Or, totally going against the leading man type, Kris Marshall

    Gary Oldman would make a great S. of Nottingham …

    But please — no Kiera Knightley!

  6. Barnze says:

    I hear talk of Robbie Williams playing the part..i hope not!!

  7. Sharon says:

    That’s disturbing and potentially hilarious at the same time.

  8. Steve Lawson says:

    Have been following a re-enacting group around the country and find the chap playing Robin Hood better than most. I cast a vote for (Not sure if spelling is right) Michael Ware and the blonde he acts with who plays Marian as the perfect two to fill in the two leads. They obviously have experience.

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