New readers?

According to my stats (nice simple plugin), over the last week or so hits to the blog suddenly jumped by about 500 per day (which at a very rough guess might represent 100-150 readers). I’m not at all sure why, but it’s lovely to have you, whoever and wherever you may be. (One of the best things about stats isn’t the raw numbers but the sheer variety of places around the world that readers come from.)

If you’re newish and have never joined in discussions here before, do feel welcome to break the ice and leave a comment on this post. You can just say hello if you like, or you can tell us a bit about yourself. (If you have your own blog and put the URL in the comment form, you are guaranteed at least one visit from me too.) But I’d also be particularly interested to learn about how you found the blog. Were you pointed here by another blogger? Did you stumble across it at Technorati or Google or another search engine? Or some other route?

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8 Responses to New readers?

  1. Hello. I am fairly sure I found this site through Technorati, while I was looking for other bloggers in Oxford.

  2. air says:

    Hi. I found you through Crooked Timber’s list of academic blogs. Once I finally started my own blog, I wanted to find some fellow blogger-historians. Though I have yet to find one regarding nineteenth-century Europe. Any suggestions?

  3. Edna Sednitzer says:

    Hi from Amsterdam! I found your blog through Bitch PhD. Later on the same day, I also saw it linked in Clews. The reason I keep coming back is because I love your writing and your stance on historical, mostly women-related events. Thanks for providing with such well researched and interesting content.

  4. Sharon says:

    Thanks for the information! Anyone else got a different route?

    And Edna, thank you for being so nice (I wasn’t fishing for compliments, honest).

    air: I’m really not sure about your question (so I’m going to ask everyone). You could try out the mammoth history blogroll at Cliopatria.)

  5. Gordon Hartley says:

    Hi.I found you by that
    curious serendipity which was called
    surfing.Some months ago I developed a very amateur interest in the 16th century migration of Huguenots to Canterbury. Which is a bit late as I have lived here for 28 years!I saw the
    Guardian piece about Catherine Richardson thought it looked very interesting and somehow googled to you
    It is a wonderful site/blog and I now visit nearly every day

  6. debz says:

    Hiya sharon. I was at Aberystwyth last year (studying history hurrah!) and stumbled on you with my nostalgic websearches for aber. I’m doing a masters in history now back home– and going through the palaver of doctorate application soon! Your stuff on doctorate study is proving really helpful so thanks for that!


  7. Cath Feely says:

    Hi Sharon,

    I think I may have commented on something here before once or twice. I found your blog via Thanks For Being a Zombie, if I remember rightly.

    I’m a PhD student in history at Manchester (British cultural history, 1880-1939, the relationship between media and the popular diffusion of ideas in very brief terms). Like Debz, I have found your posts on doctoral study very useful. Thank you!

  8. Sharon says:

    Debz and Cath, thanks. And good luck with the PhDs!

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