Ooh, this could be fun. Not to mention Time-Eating. And more than a little explosive.

Here at Wikablog, you can, in just a couple of minutes, create a page about your blog or someone else’s with a few words saying what it’s about. Then other people can add to it. And you can add links to other similar blogs, and talk about the blog’s history, and recount the tale of the great Himalayan Blog Controversy of 2002, and whatever else you like.

(Found via Europhobia.)

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2 Responses to Wikablog

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  2. Steve says:

    Oh Lordy! That’s a new one to me. Well, I applaud ’em for having the cahones to do it. Looks as though it could be more fun than a simple forum. Maybe I’ll chip in. Of course, you know I’m not one for making frivolous comments.

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