Spam gets weirder

I’ve had a couple of spam comments picked up by SK2. Definitely spammers. But here’s the twist: each contains a link to a genuine post by some innocent blogger. Whatever next?

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3 Responses to Spam gets weirder

  1. Wilson says:

    I’ve been getting it too. Presumably the purpose is to make us lose faith in our blacklists; besides legitimate blogger addresses, I’ve gotten spam with Google links in it.

  2. Sharon says:

    It did lead me to waste a few minutes checking whether Spam Karma was returning false positives (which it does do very occasionally). I imagine, as you say, that the idea is to confuse and confound humans. Fortunately, SK is not human and doesn’t care where the links in a spam comment came from.

  3. tony says:

    The spam-storm continues here: it died down for a day or two after Spam Karma2, but now it’s up again to about 300+ per day being intercepted. Thank God for that, at least; but it does mean I’ve given up even thinking about checking for false positives.

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