And more carnivals!

Carnivalesque Button1. The next issue of Carnivalesque is to be an ancient and medieval Halloween special, hosted by Alun Salt on Sunday 9 October (tomorrow!!).

That is, most of it will be the usual wide-ranging cornucopeia of ancient and medieval history goodness, but there will be a special section for all things to do with Halloween, ghosts, witches, goblins, etc (early modernists may also submit something for this section). This is a bit of an experiment: do send in anything you come across that would be suitable, and if you’d like to blog something specially for the theme that’d be particularly welcome!

Email Alun at: carnivalesque[at]archaeoastronomy[dot]co[dot]uk

2. The inaugural issue of the Asian History Carnival will be held on 10 October at Frog in a Well.

You do not have to be Asian, an historian, or a carny (you do have to be a blogger, at least once); all you have to do is blog about Asian history. Our definition of Asia, for the purposes of this carnival, is pretty much the same as that of the Association for Asian Studies: East Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, North Asia, Southeast Asia, Far East, Middle East, Near East, all regions are welcome.

Emails to Jonathan Dresner: dresner[at]hawaii[dot]edu – please put something like “Carnival submission” in the subject heading.

And more!

3. Teaching Carnival 2, 15 October, to be hosted by the scribblingwoman.

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