Should have taped this

Helen Mirren is The Best Elizabeth Ever.

And Barbara Flynn makes a pretty splendid Mary Queen of Scots. Patrick Malahide as Walsingham, yum. This is quite some casting. Although I’m not entirely convinced by Jeremy Irons’ Dudley for some reason I can’t quite work out. [But he was pretty good. It’s probably personal bias: I’m just not much of a fan of Irons.]

Grand stuff. Love it.

Update 1/10: Second Chance Saturday! It’s being repeated this evening at 7pm. And I have a spare tape on the shelf. Yippee!

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7 Responses to Should have taped this

  1. Brett says:

    Yes, she would be, wouldn’t she?

  2. Michael Roberts says:

    No, my wife also doesn’t like Irons; but I thought he conveyed just the right combination of playfulness, danger, and tact which Leicester must surely have possessed in real life. His boyish eagerness to be given military responsibility in the Netherlands also came over very well, though it was incredibly compressed in terms of time. Just found a very useful Jacobite link (to The Drawn Sword) on your web site by the way: I’m teaching them as part of our new Long 18th-century module this term. Thanks as ever,

  3. Sharon says:

    A new module? Undergrad or postgrad? Must go find out more. (Aha.)

  4. Michael Roberts says:

    It’s a new undergraduate survey, with input from David Jones, Eryn and Martyn; I get to tackle Touring the British Isles as one of my lectures which should be fun (I’ve been following your Wallography blog!), as well as something called the Making of the British Working Class. The course should really strengthen what is becoming a really first rate ‘New British History’ or, if you prefer, ‘Archipelagic’ provision in Abersytwyth, which has already become thanks to your own web efforts the centre of the virtual world.
    Keep on truckin’

  5. Sharon says:

    Michael, I presume you know that the Vision of Britain website has an entire section of Travellers’ Tales? It includes Celia Fiennes, Defoe, Boswell, amongst others. (Gathering the Jewels has tours in Wales, too.)

  6. Joyce says:

    I liked Helen Mirren as Elizabeth, and I like Barbara Flynn as an actress, but not to play Mary Queen of Scots. Even when she was young Barbara was not beautiful and Mary was one of the most beautiful women in Europe. Even allowing for ill health and 20 years in captivity, this was not the right actress. I know it’s a dramatisation, but Elizabeth and Mary didn’t meet, it’s an important part of their relationship that Elizabeth wouldn’t meet Mary. While I liked Helen Mirren, Glenda Jackson is still my favourite.

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