Early Modern Conference Bulletin


British Society for Eighteenth-century Studies 2006 Conference, January 2006, Oxford, UK.
“We invite proposals for individual papers and especially for full panels of three (or, exceptionally, four papers) on any aspect of the long 18th century, not only in Britain but throughout Europe and the wider world.” Submit 200-word abstracts (for 20-minute papers), via the web site by 30 September 2005

Early American Cartographies, March 2006, Chicago, US.
“This cross-disciplinary conference investigates the enduring significance of space and place in scholarship of the early Americas”. 350-word abstracts, by 1 October 2005.

21st Annual Conference on Music in 18th-century Britain, 25 November 2005, London, UK.
“We encourage proposals for papers focusing on all aspects of music in 18th-century Britain.” Proposals should be approximately 250 words, for 30 minute papers. Collaborative or related topic papers welcome. Further information/Submit abstracts by e-mail: c.sharpe@ram.ac.uk or csharpe@camberwell.free-online.co.uk. Please include your name, address or institution, telephone, and email address in the body of the message. Deadline: 7 October 2005.

Rethinking the Iberian Atlantic, April 2006, Liverpool, UK.
The “first in a series of colloquia and research seminars that offer the opportunity to explore the common ground shared by different and diverse approaches to the historical and cultural study of the Atlantic”. Proposals (about 300 words) by 15 October 2005. (Notes that postgraduates are welcome, possibility of financial aid for student participants.)

Reformation Studies Colloquium, April 2006, Oxford, UK
The conference meets biennially and the papers address a number of aspects of the European and English Reformations. If you would like to offer a twenty-minute communication, please send a title and an abstract to the organisers by 30 November 2005: Dr Andrew Spicer or Dr Judith Pollmann, aspicer@brookes.ac.uk or j.pollmann@let.leidenuniv.nl

Lines of Amity, Lines of Enmity: War and Peace in the Eighteenth Century, fifth Bloomington Eighteenth-Century Workshopthe Center for Eighteenth-Century Studies at Indiana University, May 2006. 20-30 scholars will present and discuss pre-circulated papers, most expenses covered. Applications deadline: 5 January 2006 (to consist of a two-page description of the proposed paper as well as a current CV).

Conference on Adam Smith’s The Theory of Moral Sentiments, May 2006, New York, US.
Submissions in the form of either papers or extended abstracts by 17 February 2006.

Icons and Iconoclasts: 1603-1714,
July 2006, Aberdeen, UK. “Proposals are invited for 20 minute papers on any aspect of British and Continental literature, philosophy, culture, and history during the period of Stuart rule in Britain”. Deadline: 28 February 2006.

Announcements of conferences, seminars etc

Beyond Shakespeare’s Globe: People, Place and Plays in the Middlesex suburbs 1400–1700, 15 October 2005, London, UK.

Symposium: Membership in Communities and States in the Early Modern Atlantic World: Legal Rules, Social Judgments, and the Negotiation of Citizenship, 14 October 2005, Chicago, US.

Sir Thomas Browne (1605-1682): A Celebration of his Quater-Centenary, 19-20 October 2005, Norwich, UK.

Renaissance Lives, 22 October 2005, Roehampton, UK.

Connection, contingency and chance in the early Republic’s economy, Annual conference of the Program in Early American Economy and Society, Philadelphia, US, 28 October 2005.

The Lisbon Earthquake of 1755: an interdisciplinary workshop, 28-9 October 2005, Bristol, UK.

Early Modern Terrorism, 5-6 November 2005, Manchester, UK.

Apothecaries, art and architecture: interpreting Georgian medicine, 24-5 November 2005, London, UK.

New Perspectives in British cultural history, 1600-2000: A Conference for Graduate Students and Junior Academics, Cambridge, 8-9 December 2005. Will include a plenary session on ‘The career implications of studying cultural history’. (Possibility of assistance with travel expenses.)

New Worlds Reflected: Representations of Utopia, the New World and Other Worlds, 1500-1800, 9-10 December 2005, London, UK.

(Further updates possible in the next day or so…)

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