Normal service

Will be resumed soon. Apologies for any particularly bizarre or incomprehensible comments I might have left behind me on Monday night. Oops. And it was a rather good bottle of wine, and I didn’t quite drink all of it, you know. I thought that showed considerable restraint under the circumstances.

But at least I didn’t have the sort of hangover yesterday that a certain person probably woke up with today.

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2 Responses to Normal service

  1. Steve says:

    While things are still bizarre…,3858,5284575-3156,00.html

    Seems they’re determined to ruin every Brit classic. Still, at least they haven’t touched Oh! Mister Porter yet.

  2. Sharon says:

    Not a film I liked much anyway. (For a bit more heresy, I didn’t like the original Get Carter either.) But I know what you mean.

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