Visibility good

Says the Beeb.

I’m about to turn on the TV (10.20am) to see if the situation on the ground in any way resembles their graphics. (In my experience over here in Wales, it often doesn’t.)

Why has the Ashes series felt so much like the Six Nations earlier this year (except that now I’m supporting England, of course)? I went through exactly the same sort of agonies watching Wales in the winter. But then we did it in the end.

(Quite apart from the fact that supporting Wales at rugby union and England at cricket over the last 10-15 years have often been the same sort of experience. Painful, traumatic, too many false dawns, periods when I just couldn’t bear to watch any more… but I kept coming back. Perhaps I really am a masochist.)

Well, 6 hours and 90+ overs to go. Everything still to play for on the last day. What have you got for us, Warney?



10.25am: Weather looks better, though no blue sky.

11.45: Sunny. 82-3. And a very very tight nearly run-out…

Good job my sofa is right up against the wall so I couldn’t get behind it anyway.

Lunchtime: 127-5. I feel sick.

And actually there is a foot or so of space one side of the back of the sofa if I move a box out.

2.10pm: 182-5. (188 ahead.) Man, Pieterson came up with the goods today (78, including 3 sixes). And Collingwood solid as a rock, if rocks can be ginger. As Ed says, this has turned into a ODI. There could be one hell of an Aussie run chase after tea.

Teatime! 221-7! And Pieterson got his first Test century. Joyous, glorious stuff. (After the early lucky breaks. The Aussies must be sick sick sick about those dropped catches.)

4.15pm. Pieterson: 6 X 6. That’s all.

Mind you, his ego will need to be sat on a bit after today.

4.44pm: … Make that 7 X 6, and the 150.

5pm: Bye bye to Pieterson… and to Richie Benaud, at almost the same minute.

What a day it’s been. Oh my. But we did it in the end…

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30 Responses to Visibility good

  1. edward says:

    I’m sitting at home in Brixton, a mile down the road from oval, and the sky is pretty gloomy. Horrible yellowish tinge. And I’m not talking about the colour of Billy Bowden’s mum’s skin.

  2. Sharon says:

    The sun’s coming out!

    And overthrows!

  3. edward says:

    The mighty Glenn has just struck! And the sun hasn’t come to Brixton yet :(

  4. Sharon says:

    (Sorry, I realise those last 2 sentences were completely unconnected. It was just that the Aussies fumbled some fielding as I was typing…)

    And that time they got it right. 67-2. Bah.

  5. edward says:

    This is a travesty. They’ll skittle England for 150 by lunch and then seal an Australian victory by teatime. Cancel the parade.

  6. edward says:

    Oh dear God. 67-3.

  7. edward says:

    The past half hour has been agony, not just because of the wickets, but also because of the Griegy & Slats commentary. Dreadful.

  8. Sharon says:

    Sorry ed, the spamkiller took a sudden dislike to you there and removed all your comments!

    This is beyond unbearable…

  9. Sharon says:

    “You’ve no idea how much confidence means in these situations.” Greigy, yes we do in fact have an inkling. Moron.

  10. edward says:

    Pietersen is now tonking sixes all over the shop. He’ll be out soon.

  11. Sharon says:

    Ed, the spam killer has decided it *really* doesn’t like you, so your comments may well get delayed in future. I’m not sure how to get it to recognise that you *aren’t* a spammer, and I don’t have time to look into it, for obvious reasons…

    Well, Pieterson didn’t go yet, but how long do we give him?

  12. sepoy says:

    is it time to celebrate yet?

  13. Chris Williams says:

    Tea! Things are looking up.

  14. Sharon says:

    sepoy, normally I’d probably say yes. We’re 227 runs ahead with 3 wickets to go and ?48 overs left to play. But the way this series has been? I’ve no idea.

  15. sepoy says:

    yeah. lets wait for 15 more over….

  16. Chris Williams says:

    Can’t bear it…

  17. Chris Williams says:

    236 for 7. They need to get 6 an over to win. We must have done it now.

  18. Sharon says:

    For the first time, I think we can sit back and just enjoy whatever happens. :)

    (Touch wood, cross fingers, etc.)

  19. sepoy says:

    pieterson is kicking ass. i think i would like to see the aussies have a go at it. with a run-rate of around 9/over. you know, just for giggles.

    but, more realistically, let the celebration cautiously begin.

  20. Chris Williams says:

    Yeah – time for Vaughan to declare.

  21. Sharon says:

    Not while KP is playing like this, surely. I reckon he might declare if Pieterson is got out, but not before.

  22. edward says:

    This is immense. Now KP is smacking Warnie all over the park.

  23. sepoy says:

    No really. Let the celebration begin~! And what a knock by KP.

  24. Brett says:

    Congratulations, all you Pommie $#%&(@^s!! It was a well-deserved victory, you had the wood on us all series.

    But it’s some small consolation to learn that you hold Tony Greig in as much contempt as we do :)

  25. Steve says:

    Bloody hell! I was doing my A levels when we last won the ashes in ’87 (and what a bunch of chancers that England side was!) The losing Aussies had a young all-rounder called Steven Waugh. The rest was…

    I said that Ashley Giles would get a hundred in this test (That’s £10 gone) but 59’s not bad is it? What a star. What a series!

  26. Sharon says:

    It’s been bloody amazing. I can’t stop grinning now it’s all over. And yep, Giles got overshadowed by KP fireworks, but that was a terrific half-century exactly when it was needed.

  27. Sharon says:

    Thanks for stopping by everybody! What a day! :)

  28. Chris Williams says:

    My sister-out-law just rang from Sydney. “We won!” she yelled as I picked up the phone.

  29. Congrats! X (did I tell you he was raised on cricket grounds? Literally. His dad was groundskeeper at Lords’ and several other well-known grounds, and they lived in cottages on the grounds) called to crow about it ;-)

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