Over at the other place

Work on updating EMR goes on slowly: you can see the new version here. Most of the important sections have been transferred into the database; it now contains upwards of 500 entries. I’ve also fixed a new stylesheet for sections that will continue to be static HTML so that they’ll match (eg, here. The layout will be very similar, but the colours are a bit more grown up than the existing scheme).

There will still be some layout (etc) tweaking to do once everything is in place. (It was originally supposed to be done by about now… ah well. By Christmas anyway.)

If you have time to play with it a bit and leave some feedback here on how you find it, that’d be very helpful…

PS: I seem to have inspired Sam to start an academic webpage. History of science, cool.

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2 Responses to Over at the other place

  1. Oh, great — you’ve convinced another of us to enter into an enterprise that will prevent his ever being hired … ;-)

  2. Sharon says:

    Oops. Do you think he might sue me? After all, I’d read the warnings and I recklessly carried on encouraging people anyway…

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